private photo editor for
wedding photographers

Private photo editor for
Wedding Photographers

Editing photos can be such a personal thing that it is hard for photographers to let go. Once I made the leap and started working with Hailey, I have never looked back

- Chandler Rose Photography

why do i edit? >

I know how daunting it can be to outsource your images and also know how important it is to feel like your editor is on your team & truly invests in your let's get to know each other! 

I'm a private photo editor & photographer. I offer one-on-one outsource editing for wedding photographers. I've been a photographer for 10 years and have spent many of those years refining my editing workflow to edit more efficiently & consistently and now I want to help you get your business & life back!

Hello, I'm Hailey!

The thing is.. I LOVE editing! seriously. I know a lot photographers who dread it and that's ok! I'm here to help you get part of your life back! I know it can be so intimidating to outsource and having someone joining your team. After years of honing my own skills as a portrait & wedding photographer and spending hours upon hours perfecting my editing workflow I realized what a need there is to provide this service to other photographers who would rather spend that time doing something else! 

I don't blame you for wanting to spend those hours with your family, working on marketing, or just having time to relax :) I'm here to help!

Why do I Edit?


"Outsourcing my editing during wedding season as helped me spend my time on other valuable aspects of my business."

-Saaty Photography

- Preset application
- White balance
- exposure
- cropping
- straightening
- color channels
- profile correction
- noise reduction
- Turnaround Time: 
   3-5 Business days

What is included?



I currently only accept full time Wedding Photographers that intend on outsourcing 10+ weddings a year and who have a well-established editing style.

Once you have filled out the contact form I will review your website, style, and potential workload you are needing. If I currently have availability and feel we are a good fit we will schedule a Google Hangout call where I will learn more about your business, processes and go over file sharing. This is also the time when you can send over sample images for me to edit before we begin working together!

What kind of photographers do you work with?

What is the process & how do I send you my photos to be edited?


How much do you charge?

My turnaround time is 3-5 business days. Business days are Monday-Friday 8am-3pm. I can sometimes accommodate quicker turnaround times for an additional fee

Pricing is project-based not per image. Most standard wedding galleries that are 800-1200 Images are $300. A full price list will be sent after inquiring.


"I was nervous to let go of the reins, but Hailey has made the entire process so easy. Her turnaround time is unbeatable, her communication is pristine, and her editing is fantastic."

-Caitlyn Jennings Photography


Business Hours

8-3pm MST


contact me for availability & pricing

"so in love with our photos!"

-sophia & roberto

"ludovica is incredibly talented! She captured every emotion"

-valentina & giovanni

"We couldn't have asked for a better photographer"

-maria & francesco